With the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, quarantine orders have caused non-essential businesses to shut down, including gyms. Stay-at-home orders have inspired people worldwide to explore home workouts, rendering those equipment to become extinct (pullup bars, dumbbells, etc.). The prices of these equipment have also skyrocketed due to high demand and low supply. In this quick quarantine project, I sought to build a low-cost gym tool inspired from social media and the Flintstones. The lack of social distancing from my kitchen has caused me to gain a considerable amount of weight…

Bill of Materials

Prices are listed as of 09/16/2021 in the Austin, TX…

Georgia Tech OMSCS vs. UT Austin MSDS?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking why I decided to enroll into Georgia Tech’s online masters in computer science instead of UT Austin’s masters in data science since my last Medium post. My goal is to share my thought process in hopes to help you make a decision in the same dilemma.

Disclaimer: The following questions will address my (opinionated) comparisons between the two programs. These are just my opinions and are not representative of any professional advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you consider other programs other than GT and UT Austin?

Very briefly. The GT OMSCS and UT Austin MSDS programs were the most obvious choices in terms of cost and…

I wanted a PC that was compact, portable, robust, and simply… different. The best and least cost-effective way to do this is by creating my own custom case.

Figure 1: Final Custom PC Case by Paul Lee


I’m a mechanical engineer by degree from the University of Texas at Austin. When designing this case, I really should have ran heat and flow simulations to validate the cooling performance of the case. Without access to proper simulation softwares, I shifted my main focus in mechanical design to achieve compactness, portability, and durability while slapping on as many fans as I could. Hope you enjoy my journey.

PC Specifications

As my second PC…

Your code will be automatically formatted in a standardized way upon saving in visual studio code.

Source Image

If you’re like me, a CS noob, this took me several hours to figure out. There isn’t very good documentation on how to do this. Which might mean it’s so easy that no one needs a tutorial… but hopefully you find this helpful. I definitely would have appreciated a tutorial.

Introduction: Target Audience

The target audience is mainly for current OMSCS Georgia Tech students in the Graduation Introduction to Operating Systems (CS 6200 GIOS) course. …

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

Fig 1. Me with my new RTX 3080 FE

You’ll be disappointed to hear that “luck” was the ultimate driver that led me to successfully obtain one of these legendary cards. However, I believe there are things you can do to significantly increase your chances. That is why “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

My main target was the RTX 3080 Founders Edition, which is sold exclusively at Best Buy. My whole article will be focused on understanding Best Buy’s system to develop the most streamlined and efficient checkout experience.

I tried making a bot (skip if uninterested)

Let me preface by saying, I tried to code…

Follow my journey in trying to scalp $10 out of TSLA stock as many times as possible without ever taking a loss. Is it even possible? Let’s find out.

Picture source: RogueRocket

DISCLAIMER — This is only for entertainment purposes only. No financial advice is given or encouraged. Please trade at your own risk.


Happy New Years! As a way to start off 2021, I’ve created a new series where I “gamble” (as my dad would say) just to scalp a couple dollars. I guess we’ll find out if its really “gambling” though…

Why Tesla stock?

Volatility. This stock is crazy volatile. But unlike penny stocks…

The University of Texas at Austin just released a new online Masters program in Data Science starting in January 2021.

I submitted an application during the priority deadline (Sept 15, 2020) and fortunately got accepted. Applications are open until Oct 15, 2020.

I’d like to share the details of my application to help you get a better idea on becoming a successful candidate.

Edit: I decided to attend Georgia Tech’s OMSCS instead. I wrote another article explaining my decision.

Program Details

  • Tuition: $10,000
  • Online Masters Degree ( Diploma has no online distinction )
  • Top 10 ranked University
  • 10 Courses (3 foundation +…

image credit: Outright Development

The problem with having your files backed up on an external hard-drive is the maintenance part. I will be suggesting one of the ways you can update your back-up files with much more ease… using Git.

Classic Korean-American wedding toast for my sister on June 5th, 2020.

Watch the full Youtube video here

The Bride, my sister, and the Groom, my new brother-in-law

The Toast

There isn’t very good documentation out there on how to connect and use TD Ameritrade’s APIs. In this blog, I’ll be connecting to TD Ameritrade’s APIs with Python to automatically pull order history transactions and store it into a local MySQL database.

Getting Started

All my code is posted on my Github repo for reference. Please feel free to follow my instructional guide below and contact me for improvements or help.

Target Audience:

Non-Brogrammers. I’m a mechanical engineer by discipline so a lot of this stuff wasn’t intuitive to me at first. …

Paul Lee

M.S. in CS — GaTech | B.S. in ME — UT Austin

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